What we're doing to stay safe

Before you come into the salon we are asking you to please:


  • Arrive alone for your appointment and on time

  • Wait in your car or outside in fresh air until you are notified that you can enter the salon 

  • Wear a mask, if you do not have one we can provide this

  • Sanitize your hands when you arrive at the salon 

  • Keep your distance around anyone else inside the salon



Bring as less belongings as possible

We are also kindly asking customers 

to reschedule your appointment if: 


You have experienced any cold or flu symptoms in the last 14 days 

Have been in contact with anyone with cold or flu symptoms in the last 14 days 


We wont be able to offer refreshments for a while and the toilet will also be out of use. 


There will be an additional £2.50 PPE charge onto every bill. This is only temporary.

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